Danny-Ella...Professional Submissive



I have a deep need and desire to give up control and have someone else take charge. Imagine taking that control and exploring your darkest fantasies and deepest desires. Sessions can be playful or intense, you set the pace, the time is yours to do with as you wish. Although I am submissive I can also be feisty, but that can just add to the fun.

I enjoy most aspects of submission…but most of all I love the mental aspects with the resultant play of emotions between myself and the person I am playing with.

For you to get the most out of your session you will need to decide what type of session you want, role play, BDSM or a kinky GFE. MORE ON THIS BELOW

If you have a particular scene in mind or a ‘look’ that you like please say when you contact me and I will try to accommodate you.

There are many flavours of submission and types of sessions. Some enjoy a more informal session where there is more banter and less protocol, while others enjoy a more formal session where there is more protocol. Some may like a sub who will tease and talk back, while others like a more ‘respectful’ sub who will follow orders. Please let me know what you like and I will try to oblige, but left to my own devices I revert to feisty.


Not sure exactly what it is you want to do but have a ‘need’ to express a dominant side? Do you have some experience but want to practice?

I offer sessions where we can discuss some of the dynamics and ‘rules’ of the world of BDSM and kink, while allowing you to try some things out and get feedback in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

I differentiate between BDSM, kinky GFE and role play but not everyone does, and for a lot of people, as in anything, there is a continuum, but for the sake of clarity I separate them.

BDSM can be a mechanism by which we explore ourselves without any need for masks, it isn't necessarily sexual, it can be about letting go to our deeper desires for giving up control or for taking control. For some, role play is the mechanism that enables them to do what they want, it can facilitate the BDSM, it helps to set the scene so to speak, but for others it can evoke a fantasy or a fetish that they wish to play out. The Kinky girlfriend experience encompasses the classic GFE but with a kinky twist, it's not all about the D/s or the S&M.


Bondage: for some dominants bondage is about a physical manifestation of their control but for others it is about how the other person looks, and for some it is both. Bondage can take many forms, leather straps, harnesses, rope, bathrobe belts. Some dominants like their sub to stay in place and they feel that it shouldn't be necessary to tie them down, if they are put in place they should stay in place, or at least that’s their ideal scenario.

Impact play: caning, paddling, spanking, bastinado, flogging.

Sensation play: BDSM isn’t all about the pain, drip hot candle wax over the body and then use ice for contrast.

Toys: strap on harnesses, vibrators, butt plugs.

Kinky GFE: blindfold and run a wartenberg wheel along the body. Tie and tease. Force orgasms, repeatedly. Dinner dates with a hint of control.

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